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Public Platform for Technological Service in Urban Waste Reuse and Energy Regeneration

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“Public Platform for Technological Service in Urban Waste Reuse and Energy Regeneration” was established in the school-enterprise cooperation mode, based on “Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)” with the traditional advantages in scientific research, and “Shenzhen Energy Environmental Co. Ltd (SEE)”, one of the leading enterprises in this industrial area. The platform takes the leadership in integrating a variety of superior scientific and technological resources in China to achieve and promote CEEUSRO. The platform will make new technological breakthroughs in the field of urban waste biomass energy recycling and utilization, provide a comprehensive service platform for the industry technology development, and realize the sharing of technology and information resources. The platform currently has 6 professors and associate professors, 2 assistant professors, 7 senior engineers, 10 engineers and assistant engineers, 5 post-doctors, including 16 doctoral and master students and 9 doctoral degree holders and has trained over 200 master graduated students. The platform has more than 2,000 m2 of experimental base, including about 250 m2 of office space and 700 m2 of laboratory area. In addition, it has more than 40 analytical instruments and has obtained the CMA testing qualification of nearly 70 items of environmental pollutants and biomass parameters. The service target of this platform mainly includes institutions of colleges, enterprises and government, based on the project cooperation to carry on the analysis test, project consultation, scientific education and so on. The platform has formed a trinity construction mode of “government consultation, enterprise service, and science education” to provide the suggestion and decision-making basis for the new energy industry development planning, the service of information exchange, technical support, and engineering consultation for energy recycling enterprises, and the environmental education and demonstration services for waste utilization. To promote the development of urban waste disposal and energy recycle in the Pearl River Delta and even the whole country in planning, decision-making, technology, training, science popularization education etc.