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Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory for Wind Environment and Technology

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Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory for Wind Environment and Technology (SELWET) is located at Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), with a total investment of almost ¥ 20 million and a building area of approximately 3,000 m2. It is the up-to-date largest wind tunnel facility in South China. The wind tunnel is a closed-return design, and can be converted effortlessly into an open-return one if necessary. The wind tunnel comprises of the power segment, diffuser, transition, steady, contraction, and test section, etc. The test section is 24 m long, and has a cross-section area of 6 m wide by 3.6 m high. The maximum controllable wind speed in the test section is 35 m/s. Moreover, the excellent flow uniformity is preserved. The turbulence intensity is lower than 1%, and the axial static pressure gradient is smaller than 0.01/m. A wide variety of studies, including wind loading and pressures on bridges and buildings, wind energy, wind environment, air ventilation, air pollution, industrial aerodynamics, etc., can be conducted in this wind tunnel.