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Key Lab of Shenzhen for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in Urban Areas and Civil Engineering

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As a municipal-level key lab, the Key Lab of Shenzhen for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in Urban Areas and Civil Engineering celebrated its groundbreaking in December 2016 and was officially delivered in July 2009. The major research fields and subjects of the Lab include: new structure systems of civil engineering and disaster prevention design, windstorm-related disaster in urban areas and comprehensive prevention and mitigation of disaster, Structural health monitoring of infrastructures, vibration control and smart structure systems, Emergent response of disaster prevention and mitigation in urban areas, digital simulation and synergism testing lab for disaster prevention and mitigation in urban areas and civil engineering.  

The lab has 15 full-time researchers and has been granted with research funding over 84 million yuan from different programs, including 54 state-level research projects (funding over 34 million RMB), 49 provincial and municipal level projects (funding over 30 million RMB), and 63 horizontal projects (funding over 20 million RMB). The programs in the lab recruit over 80 master post-graduates and 8-12 doctoral candidates every year. Around 150 SCI articles and 2 monographs have been published. The research achievements have been applied to many iconic projects such as Shenzhen Vanke Center, the West Tower (IFC Tower) in Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou, Kingkey Financial Center of Shenzhen and Shenzhen Bay Sports Center. The lab has also been successfully approved for 20 invention patents and 8 patents for utility models. Its research and projects have won 2 national awards, 7 provincial awards and 3 municipal awards.  

Based on the theoretical and applied research on disaster prevention and mitigation in urban areas and major engineering structures in Shenzhen and south China, the Lab has been dedicated to delivering exemplary research results in the country with a pursuit of world-class research capability through following closely the cutting-edge achievements. Our goal is to build top research team, deliver leading research results, cultivate innovative minds, and build the Lab into a demonstration base. By leveraging the discipline advantages, the unique research focuses of HIT and the geographic advantages of Shenzhen, the Lab is keeping up with the latest development trend of civil engineering to meet the basic needs of urban development in Shenzhen. With the support from the Shenzhen Municipal Government and HIT, the Lab will further improve the competitiveness in disaster prevention in urban areas and civil engineering and facilitate the development of the discipline and the industry through attracting high-level professionals and strengthening foreign exchanges to build itself into an advanced research facility in China.